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  • Chris K's Avatar
    Today, 07:07 PM
    Chris K replied to a thread Atrial Fibrillation in Health
    All quiet on the AF front is good, I think, though for myself I'm in permanent AF, on ACE inhibitor, but happy that I can work, walk/shuffle, cycle....
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  • Stagger's Avatar
    Today, 06:07 PM
    Stagger replied to a thread Today's cricket in General chat!
    England need 520 runs Or Bat for over 2 full days 2-1 in the series.
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  • Stagger's Avatar
    Today, 06:03 PM
    So your only a hill walker now Wheeze?
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  • Wheeze's Avatar
    Today, 05:48 PM
    As a mark of respect, me and my walking gang walked over Fan Y Big this weekend. S'funny, seems as high as ever!
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  • AJF's Avatar
    Today, 05:21 PM
    AJF replied to a thread Sedbergh Hills in Races
    A great race but just never quite felt on it. Think two weeks of holiday beer and ice cream made me lethargic. So got round in 3.14. 30 mins off my...
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  • DrPatrickBarry's Avatar
    Today, 04:15 PM
    That would be a bad start:)
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  • bigfella's Avatar
    Today, 02:56 PM
    bigfella replied to a thread Tonight's Real Ale in General chat!
    Well, that's what you told your wife anyway...
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  • DrPatrickBarry's Avatar
    Today, 01:27 PM
    Could not believe it when the hotel for my wedding, in Manchester City Centre, had Charles Wells Bombardier. I had lived in Northamptonshire for a...
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  • Graham Breeze's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:30 PM
    Graham Breeze replied to a thread Sedbergh Hills in Races
    In 2006 I was 3rd V60 (behind the great Kieran Carr and Dave Spedding) in 3.01.33 when it was an English Champs counter and, after a 3rd V60 at...
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  • anthonykay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:06 PM
    anthonykay replied to a thread Sedbergh Hills in Races
    Sedbergh was one of my favourite races; I did it six times in the 1980ís. Steep grassy hills are what I was strongest on, and I even got a British...
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  • Travs's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:58 PM
    Travs replied to a thread Sedbergh Hills in Races
    This was a tough proposition today in pretty poor conditions. Thick cloud, very wet and slippy up there, but it was the visibility which proved to be...
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  • Ronaldo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:22 PM
    Think rethink for next year maybe but for this year 3 teams did an AL in the belief it was necessary. Cannot see justification for any 4 races. Note...
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  • Llani Boy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:41 AM
    Llani Boy replied to a thread Tonight's Real Ale in General chat!
    Reluctantly attended an evening wedding reception in a marquee last night. Surprise, surprise, they had Black Sheep on hand pull. A lovely evening.
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  • mapper's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:24 AM
    mapper replied to a thread Pendleton fell race in Races
    Yikes, that's a blow. My system has been programmed to be in Pendleton at 2pm every August Bank Holiday weekend for the race, so it looks like I'll...
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  • Stagger's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:08 AM
    Stagger replied to a thread Tonight's BBQ in General chat!
    Had some work mate's and wives around for a social evening. Sausage Burgers Gammon Pork loins Steak All consumed with just a little...
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  • neilly's Avatar
    18-08-2018, 10:52 PM
    neilly replied to a thread Blood in urine in Health
    I've got appt on Monday for bloods. GP thinks it's probably exercise induced but best to get bladder and kidney checked. Maybe referred to urologist....
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  • Travs's Avatar
    18-08-2018, 07:20 PM
    Travs replied to a thread Weasdale horseshoe in Races
    Really enjoyed this race today, in fact the entire day. Part of a proper country show.... sheep/dog/vegetable/stick competitions. I was...
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  • Lost Lad's Avatar
    18-08-2018, 06:27 PM
    The MV60 English Team results now show five teams listed after Turner Landscape, with four clubs likely to complete 4 out of 6 races. The AL races...
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  • Tindersticks's Avatar
    18-08-2018, 05:55 PM
    Tindersticks replied to a thread Pendleton fell race in Races
    Blimey! What’s Mark Nutter going to do?
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  • CalFerguson's Avatar
    18-08-2018, 05:25 PM
    CalFerguson replied to a thread Pendleton fell race in Races
    Gutted, one of my favourite races. Understandable, of course. Thanks for letting us know, Mike.
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  • Flat Foot's Avatar
    18-08-2018, 03:17 PM
    Flat Foot replied to a thread Pendleton fell race in Races
    I'm really sorry but the 2018 Pendleton race due next week (25th August) will have to be cancelled. Road work on the nearby Clitheroe bypass has...
    152 replies | 26853 view(s)
  • PeteS's Avatar
    18-08-2018, 01:50 PM
    PeteS replied to a thread Today's Bike Ride in General chat!
    Rather grey and uninspiring in the shire this morning. A strong swirling breeze that always seemed to manifest itself as a headwind no matter which...
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  • Wheeze's Avatar
    17-08-2018, 02:08 PM
    The fell racing/running community have 'known' this for is bypassed on the Brecon Beacons race route and is not a summitt on the South...
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  • PeteS's Avatar
    17-08-2018, 01:40 PM
    PeteS replied to a thread Today's Training in Training
    Just had 2 weeks up there and can't wait to go back. This trip was mainly about getting a flavour for the far NW and seeing where we would like to...
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  • molehill's Avatar
    17-08-2018, 01:40 PM
    But one less mountain in Wales, Fan y big (Brecon beacons) is no longer a mountain, but a hill :( ...
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  • Travs's Avatar
    17-08-2018, 01:12 PM
    Travs replied to a thread Weasdale horseshoe in Races
    Cheers Gaz, and good luck at Crowden. Looking forward to the XC season resuming!
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  • gazb's Avatar
    17-08-2018, 12:48 PM
    gazb replied to a thread Weasdale horseshoe in Races
    Not done Sedbergh Travs, but have done Weasdale 4 times I think. 1st time when it was English champs, then subsequently. I love it. It has always...
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  • ba-ba's Avatar
    17-08-2018, 12:44 PM
    ba-ba replied to a thread Weasdale horseshoe in Races
    I think when Weasdale was a champs race we did Anticlock.
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