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  • Derby Tup's Avatar
    Today, 07:46 AM
    Derby Tup replied to a thread Spring is coming. in General chat!
    Itís acoming certainly in context of the natural world - birds locally have been very vocal recently, bulbs are coming up, nights definitely drawing...
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  • Derby Tup's Avatar
    Today, 07:40 AM
    Friday in Lancashire : a skein of pinkies heading NW and later a small group of waxwing in a tree near my biggest customer. There have been waxwing...
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  • Stagger's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:11 PM
    Stagger replied to a thread Sad but true in General chat!
    Still true
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  • Stagger's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:08 PM
    Stagger replied to a thread Today's Apology in General chat!
    We can all say sorry when we make a mistake or we are taken the wrong way.
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  • Stagger's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:04 PM
    Stagger replied to a thread Top 10 Forumites in General chat!
    Wonder who they are now?
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  • JohnK's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:23 PM
    A thread I started about 3 years ago :- and not a lot has changed over the...
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  • anthonykay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:47 PM
    Dishley parkrun Loughborough continues to attract fast people from fell running clubs, presumably desperate to find 5km of totally flat running. ...
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  • ba-ba's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:32 PM
    ba-ba replied to a thread Suunto warning. in Equipment
    Bollox, literally yesterday I bought a spartan ultra as I got a good deal on it and it would last a while. I guess now I know why they were on sale!
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  • Quinny's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:02 PM
    Quinny replied to a thread Suunto warning. in Equipment
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I also have an original Ambit (6 years old) which is still working well. If I have to buy a new watch...
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  • MattPo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:39 PM
    A taste of the tropics whilst I was walling up near Yeadon International Airport. Had a Parakeet around for a couple of hours. Very noisy. Not sure...
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  • Derby Tup's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:13 PM
    Derby Tup replied to a thread Brexit in General chat!
    Sorry Ian
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  • wheezing donkey's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:05 PM
    wheezing donkey replied to a thread Brexit in General chat!
    Andrew, posting at 9.25 a.m. on a Saturday? Why weren't you at the Keighley park run? Ian
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  • fishbulb's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:19 AM
    fishbulb replied to a thread Mr Sparkle's Dark Un 2018 in Races
    There will be a recce of the Dark Un course next Thursday (24th January) starting at 7.00pm from the Royal Hotel, Tockholes. Open to all. Pint in pub...
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  • Derby Tup's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:26 AM
    . . . and there was me thinking a Jasmin inspired Brett was throwing his hat into the ring for 2020
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  • Derby Tup's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:25 AM
    Derby Tup replied to a thread Brexit in General chat!
    Anyone see the pig-man interviewed on tv going out for his jog tíother day?
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  • Derby Tup's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:23 AM
    Early doors maybe October through say mid / late January is the time past the Tesco garage. They often roost together in the fields before the water...
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  • Muddy Retriever's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:20 AM
    Muddy Retriever replied to a thread Brexit in General chat!
    But the American apple distributor will not be being discriminated against. If there are tariffs on imported American apples then there will also be...
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  • Graham Breeze's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:53 AM
    Yes I hadn't forgotten Carol - I ran a long way behind her a great many times - but she wasn't at her best on superlong rugged Lakeland races.
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  • stumpy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:44 AM
    And in terms of extreme long distance mountain events Helen Diamantides was pretty instrumental in proving that women are capable of being at least...
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  • brett's Avatar
    18-01-2019, 10:59 PM
    brett replied to a thread Spine 2019 in Long Distance Challenges
    You are so fickle....
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  • Travs's Avatar
    18-01-2019, 10:09 PM
    I think the ultra and Fell-running 'communities' are more astounded by the scale of the performance on a first attempt at such a race... seems...
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  • anthonykay's Avatar
    18-01-2019, 09:34 PM
    I've just been thinking: if I don't get too many injuries, some time in April my training mileage for 2019 will get up to what the Spine runners have...
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  • anthonykay's Avatar
    18-01-2019, 09:27 PM
    For sheer racing prowess over a period of a decade or more, I would consider Carol Greenwood up there with Angela Mudge and Victoria Wilkinson.
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  • anthonykay's Avatar
    18-01-2019, 09:25 PM
    I don't think there are any Victorian or sexist attitudes within the sport, but I'm not so sure about society at large.
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  • Mark G's Avatar
    18-01-2019, 09:02 PM
    Mark G replied to a thread Suunto warning. in Equipment
    Lots about this on suuntos own forum. Apparently numerous retailers and even suunto themselves are still selling watches that won't be functional in...
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  • noel's Avatar
    18-01-2019, 07:24 PM
    noel replied to a thread Brexit in General chat!
    Thanks Stagger. I think that probably sums up the mood among leave voters. There's certainly a lot of "just get on with it", which is a very fair...
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  • Stagger's Avatar
    18-01-2019, 06:30 PM
    Stagger replied to a thread Brexit in General chat!
    I voted to leave and I have no interest in deal or no deal. I just want out! Bye bye Europe HELLO Great Britain. Does anyone think we...
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