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Thread: Tonight's football thread

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    The European Cup is anyone's. I'd actually fancy Liverpool to win it against Real Madrid, but think Bayern Munich will be too strong and solid for Liverpool.

    Although we all saw what Roma did in the 2nd leg against Barcelona, they're not out yet...!

    UEFA Cup i think it would actually be nice for Arsenal to win it but can't see past Atletico Madrid. I'd absolutely love Marseille to win it though.

    FA Cup? Don't even know who's in it... Chelsea vs Man Utd? I think Chelsea will win it but the manager will still likely get the boot.

    Got a huge eye on Serie A this year, my fave league. Title race got blew right open last weekend when Napoli won in the last minute at Juventus. Now only a point between them, and Juve still have to go away to Inter Milan and Roma, who are all in a 3-way battle for 2 Champs League spaces with Lazio.

    Lazio so inconsistent, they've scored something like 85 goals this season but have the traditional 'soft underbelly' that Spurs were always known for. I can see them missing out.

    Can see AC Milan being a big force again in the next few years.

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    Its a secret!
    Real for European
    Chelsea for FA cup

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llani Boy View Post
    Once again trouble and violence around a match involving Liverpool F.C. And once again it is not the fault of the little angels that follow them. Always the victims, bless them.
    Silly boy. 2 Italians arrested for attempted murder.

    Ps Reds for the European Cup, Chelsea FA Cup, Atletico for the Europa.

    Well done on Accy Stanley and Blackburn on promotions too!

    Calvin Ferguson - Calder Valley FR

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    Its a secret!
    Well done Neil Warnock.
    The country's most successful manager at getting teams promoted.

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