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Thread: Tonight's football thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graham Breeze View Post
    Oh I hope so. I am going to Croatia soon on holiday and I am looking forward to free drinks after I say I am English.
    Me too, next week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travs View Post
    FiFA rankings.... the rankings that have Wales above Croatia... Poland, peru & Denmark above us... and Germany ranked no. 1.....? Weren't England top 3 at some point in the rankings recently? I wouldn't pay too much notice to the rankings.

    Croatia were undoubtedly superior to us. Look at their players, particularly up front and midfield. Sprinkled around the best clubs in Europe... Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Inter Milan... they just had quality over and above us.... and once they figured out that putting a bit of pressure on our midfield, we passed it back to the defence or keeper, and a long ball up, and they could win the ball without too much effort.

    Certainly no lack of 'bottle' or effort... just a bit of quality.

    But football is won and lost on such small margins. Let's not forget that for the width of a crossbar in the penalty shoot-out against Colombia, we would likely have been out in the 2nd round, it would have been another "disaster" and everyone would be slating the team and manager. And on the other hand, had we gone 2-0 up last night we'd probably now be in a world cup final. It's the nature of cup football.
    Spot on. The rankings are nonsensical, you could add the very mediocre Argentinians who are rated 5th. The Croatians thrashed them 3-0. No disgrace at all to lose to Croatia, as you say they have quality in abundance in midfield.

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    Croatia did what likes of Sweden have done to England in the past but with some real quality. They have some great footballers (two played for Derby in the 90ís. Stimac a modern Rams legend)

    Iíve really enjoyed the World Cup. Chapeau to Gareth and the boys. Itís not only been okay to support you itís been fun. Thank you

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    I saw fom 60mins to the end. 2nd best at everything apart from back passes.

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    The second half was much flatter than the first half. Maybe it was because I'd run out of beer.
    Nic Barber, Pennine. Downhill Dandy

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