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Thread: Today's Training

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnK View Post
    Good luck with the calf Travs.

    I have just come out of a bad month and your post has prompted me to check my mileage/ Ascent which comes out at 751km with 18135m of ascent to date this year, and this last week was 120k with 2,291m of ascent. I should hopefully now be able to start to up the training a bit (well when I have finished tiling the bathroom )
    Wow for someone who's had a "bad month" those are some hefty stats!!

    Perhaps when I was in Fuerteventura for a few weeks I was possibly knocking up close to 70 miles, and when training in Thailand I was definitely doing 50 miles a week (very very steady) on top of specific training....

    But when combined with a full time job and "life" I don't think I've ever really topped 50 miles a week (including a long race at the end), and I strongly suspect on an average week I'm probably around 30 miles.
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