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Thread: Today's Training

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    Did my final tough session this morning, before Sunday's race...

    55 mins on the stair-climber. Managed 3950ft. Absolutely gunned it for the last 5 mins to try and reach the magic 4000ft, up to level 19 at one point, which for me is running pace up the climber. I can sustain a very rapid walk up to level 18 for a few minutes. But I fell short of 4000ft by probably 25-30 seconds.

    Certainly feeling physically fit for Sunday. Getting my excuses in early though.... quite a sore blister, and still blighted by an ear infection, but really over the course of 8 or so miles I shouldn't be letting these things affect me.

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    Second time this year: going the wrong way while on a route that I have been using regularly for years.

    This time I was daydreaming while running through the Outwoods, and completely missed a turn. I realised that the path didn't look right, but only worked out where I was when I arrived at the next path junction.

    Back in September, I was on a path along the bottom of a meadow in the Woodbrook valley, where there is a strip of rough land between the path and the brook. At one point, the path cuts across the rough land to cross the brook. The hay had been cut, and the agricultural machinery had turned the narrow path into a broad track, which went straight on to the end of the meadow instead of turning off; while the path turning off across the rough ground was almost concealed by the growth of nettles etc around it. I missed the turning, went back and missed it again, and eventually found it on the third pass. I have been going that way at least twice a month (when not injured) for nearly 30 years, and that has never happened before!
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