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Thread: Today's Training

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    15 miles steady today along the canal and back, although it was split in two, with a stop at a pub halfway for a drink.

    Ran with company today, so it was nice to run at a steady pace, which is something I find hard to do on my own, as always feel I'm not working hard enough.

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    Within sight of Leicestershire's Beacon Hill
    In view of the weather, decided on a pre-breakfast run (which I don't usually favour), although it was 8:38 by the time I got out. Noticed a runner behind me on the first climb, the gentle drag up to the Outwoods. However hard I try, I can't stop my mind going into race mode when this happens. Managed to stay ahead of him, mainly because the vegetation on either side of the path meant that overtaking wasn't easy. Once into the Outwoods, I took my usual route up the short, steep climb in the angle between the two obvious paths; no-one ever follows me that way.

    The rest of the run, over Buck Hill and Beacon Hill, was rather slow. On one section of the climb up Beacon Hill, there is a bridleway parallel to the footpath. Today there were some horse-riders trotting casually up the bridleway, but they were going faster than me. 61 minutes overall; I can still do this route in 57 minutes when i am feeling good.

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    Last night was supposed to be 2 miles steady, then 2 mile monthly time trial, then another 2 miles steady...

    But bearing in mind got the 10 Peaks on saturday, and my hamstring was feeling a little tight, i for once took the sensible option and just did the 6 miles very steady...

    That's it now until after the weekend, with the exception of a possible little pre-race recce on friday.

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