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Thread: Today's Training

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    After last weekend's Trigger, I really couldn't face the tuesday night club session of... hills.

    So tonight I was back on it with a total of 9 miles around southern Coventry on the roads. No real fatigue in the muscles at all, but ankles still very sore from the bashing they took last weekend.

    Hopefully get a long run it at the weekend, followed by one good session next week, then it's a tough 12km xc the weekend after, and Long Mynd Valleys the weekend after that. Hoping for a pb at LMV.

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    May 2015
    After a week of feeling fairly pained, I could finally face up to some uphill work this morning.

    Managed to knock out 2350ft in 40 minutes. After a 9 minute power walking warmup, managed 28 of the next 31 minutes at a run. Considering that 6 month ago I was doing 5 minutes on and 5 off, it's a big progression.

    Hopefully feel fresh enough for a long run tomorrow.

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    Within sight of Leicestershire's Beacon Hill
    The rain stopped around 3pm, and I started. A slow and muddy run on one of my standard routes, Beacon Hill and Windmill Hill. Up into the clag on Beacon Hill (cloud base around 200m), and found a thin, partial covering of snow up there; but plenty of walkers around. I was left imagining what conditions must have been like for the Kinder Triallers this morning!

    This was the second outing for a new pair of Walsh PB Trainers. They felt OK in the shop, and the right foot felt comfortable on the run; but my left foot is longer than the right, and there was definite pressure on the left big toe. Not sure whether to persist, or offer them on the Sales and Wants section of the Forum. Experience in the past is that Walshes tend to loosen with age, but how long will that take?
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