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Thread: Today's Training

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    After last weekend's Trigger, I really couldn't face the tuesday night club session of... hills.

    So tonight I was back on it with a total of 9 miles around southern Coventry on the roads. No real fatigue in the muscles at all, but ankles still very sore from the bashing they took last weekend.

    Hopefully get a long run it at the weekend, followed by one good session next week, then it's a tough 12km xc the weekend after, and Long Mynd Valleys the weekend after that. Hoping for a pb at LMV.

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    May 2015
    After a week of feeling fairly pained, I could finally face up to some uphill work this morning.

    Managed to knock out 2350ft in 40 minutes. After a 9 minute power walking warmup, managed 28 of the next 31 minutes at a run. Considering that 6 month ago I was doing 5 minutes on and 5 off, it's a big progression.

    Hopefully feel fresh enough for a long run tomorrow.

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