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Thread: Today's Training

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    80 minute interval session this morning. 5 mins flat run, followed by 5 mins uphill either hard walking or running, x8

    Quite a challenging session, certainly felt it by the end and was sweating buckets. About 2700ft of climb.

    Will do a reasonably tough session of cross-training tomorrow, followed by a final club track session on Tuesday, and that will be about it before Jura next weekend and Welsh 1000m the following weekend.

    Vague targets for the races are 5hrs for Jura (based on guesswork, possibly a little ambitious) and under 6hrs for Welsh 1000m (I was 6hrs29 last year in heatwave conditions).

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    Good effort Travs, puts my 2mile jog to shame.
    A quote,

    "The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall."

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