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Thread: Today's Training

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    Aye, Parkruns are good speedwork. Especially for someone like me who considers any race under 1.5 hours something of a sprint, it's good to do parkruns and track work and find out how hard it really can be to run flat out for 18/19/21/+ minutes.

    A solid weekend. A sharp 3.5 mile/2500ft hill session yesterday, and a steadier 12 mile/4500ft today. Brings the weekly total to 39 miles/13900ft.

    Will be 'Fishwicking' next weekend at Weasdale Horseshoe/Sedbergh Hills. My first time doubling up on the fells. Have doubled up an XC/fell race over a weekend, some would argue that is equally as hard if not harder, with the flat out effort of a muddy XC, but i guess I'll find out next weekend. Will do a hard effort on the track on Tuesday, but main aim is to get to the start line next Saturday feeling fresh.

    Weighed myself this morning, 77.7kg.... back to my "fight weight"..... my fight weight was 78kg, although I did weigh in at 77.3 on my last one. Did get down to the dizzying lows of 76kg in Thailand but that was under a regime of 6hrs training a day, 6 days a week, 2 meals a day of very clean food, and in that hot climate, so I'd be surprised to get that low over here. But all the same I'm pleased to not be carrying too much excess weight, despite my relatively large frame for a fellrunner.

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    Heading back down to the midlands from Scotland so grabbed a quick hour or so in the Lakes to run up Ullock Pike, along the ridge to Carlside and then back through Dodd Wood. Having been in the far north of Scotland for 2 weeks, the temperature down here really caught me out. Sweating buckets by the end but loved to be back amongst the fells if only for a short time.

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