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Thread: Depression

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leaf View Post
    This is my starting point - my 'depression' or whatever it is, is my fault. If I could think differently I'd probably cope much better. But despite many attempts from different angles I haven't managed it yet. Besides which, it's not just the way I think, or what I think about - it's that overwhelming sense of failure, futility and deep weariness with life. It goes beyond mere 'thinking'.
    Hello again! I was chatting to someone with a far better insight than me earlier, you should probably start by congratulating yourself for identifying that you have an issue requiring of resolution. You've correctly identified that your depression needs fixing, not everyone gets this far btw. As far as blaming yourself goes, it may be a result of the realisation that the origin of the dysfunction is in you not out there. This point should be noted and you can sort of chalk it up as a win, it may be the result of intuition beyond your conscious awareness.

    The above is basically the process of fostering the positive and not attacking the negative, this alone may be enough for you to progress to a position of understanding. I work with myself slightly differently; i would carry out a full post-mortem on the idea that 'i am to blame for my depression', and allow my mind to come to the understanding that the thought is hurting me and is therefore untrue. The Work facilitates this kind of transformation very well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wharfeego View Post
    I'm sitting typing these words and feel dreadful.
    Sorry to hear that Wharfeego. I can't make any helpful suggestions, I'm afraid, but be assured that there are people here who care about you and are most willing to listen. Hang in there.

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    It's the little things that make a big difference.

    I had a forumitte friend of the stbx call round last night to drop something off for my son.

    She commented on how lovely my garden and car was looking.

    The rest of the house is clean Too I mentioned.

    Just the little positive made me feel 10ft tall.

    Thanks Tea and Cake
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    "The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall."

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