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Thread: Depression

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    My life has been really shit again for quite a while now. I can't sleep, i try to go to sleep, but just lay awake feeling angry and in despair. I can sleep if i drink, but...

    I go for Psychoalylitic Psychotherapy every week now, it could be raising unchallenged beliefs to the surface which cause anger, which i then struggle to transform or transmute. I feel totally disconnected from the human race, like an exile wandering alone banished from society. My life is losing meaning to the extent of where i find myself looking for reasons to maintain it. I've fallen a long way from where i was. I feel ashamed of my failure.
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    Thinking about you Luke.

    Its a horrible illness but if you liken it to a fell race there are bits that's tough and others that bring a smile.

    Battle the tough bits mate because the smile is coming.
    A quote,

    "The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall."

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    Luke, you know so very truely that there is no failure on your've looked into this. I know you know. So there is nothing to be ashamed of. But the reality is you have fallen....fallen from somewhere you could feel some security. Its not your fault. Its that tough bit stagger has mentioned. You did not mean to fall. But the truth is, you will rise gain just as surely as you have fallen.
    By telling us about it, you are leaving the door open to the rise. Keep telling us, keep taking whatever support you need. Dont let the darkness consume you.. Thinking about you mate.
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    you are in such a tough place at this moment in time Luke. Keep going, keep trying and most of all keep taking the support from everywhere it's offered. Do not give in. You have climbed out of it before and you WILL again. Thinking of you and wishing you well. Keep talking and keep listening. We are all listening to you x

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    Hang in there Mr B. It's might seem a dark place now, but once you're feeling better, you'll look back and have a different perspective.
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    How are you Mr B?

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    Luke. As with any therapy the process can produce feelings and thoughts that are distressing and temporarily make you feel even worse. As you will know the therapeutic journey has to take you through that, but will bring you out to a more positive set of thoughts and feelings ultimately. I hope you have discussed the 'feeling ashamed of failure' with your therapist?
    have you had CBT in the past? as that brand of treatment would challenge your thinking on that.

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