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    Quote Originally Posted by Stagger View Post
    Ha ha ha last time i was at the NDG race you got lost

    Wharfy might have an old colour camera for a primative Lancashire lad.️

    Good stuff Mark hope you are well and smiling mate.
    Yeh, but I still made the checkpoints, even though Pavey Ark didn't have one.

    Oh I'm still smiling and I am well thanks Trev. Hope to see you at BOFRA this year. What do you recon?

    I've actually got a project on the go using old film cameras. Medium format and 35mm slide film and colour negative, with a few black and white thrown in too. My Dad offloaded a shed load of cameras onto me. It's been interesting messing about with them to be honest. Mainly manual 1950's & 1960's ones. Results vary.

    PS - Lindsay Buck reminded me of that little NDG adventure at Grisedale Grind in the week. It was very claggy you know.
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