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Thread: Fell running blogs

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    Blog about my recent Joss Naylor Challenge attempt:

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    Flippin eck Martyn, what an adventure you had....your blog had me gripped.

    All the best for the future pal, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you....full respect.
    Darren Fishwick, Chorley.

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    Trying to plod up hills every day slightly faster than the day before

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    What's that? 5,000 word race reports are the in thing?

    After 2 months I have finally given up on/finished a run down of Euforia dels Cims in Andorra. It's really long and maybe not all that coherent but in my defence that's a fairly accurate reflection of the race experience. Plus it probably has fewer words per kilometre or per hour than many a half marathon race report.

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