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Thread: Edale Skyline Fell Race

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    Quote Originally Posted by IanDarkpeak View Post
    We're still waiting for the final permission for some section from the land owners but....

    Yes old route but in reverse. Cut offs times are still to be confirmed yes but doubt you'll have any trouble.
    How exciting. This will be MrRTS's final 50@50 :-)

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    Although I see it's on Mother's Day again...

    Better get working on the brownie points
    Best Wishes

    Cheshire Hash House Harriers

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    I'm going to stick my neck out and say the new route will be quicker. Fresh legs downhill from Brown Knoll to Rushop Edge and Mam Tor to the bottom of Lose Hill should be pretty quick. Obviously Win Hill needs bagging but it's not as intense as the Lose Hill climb.

    DM Morris, my mum banned Mother's day in our house. She didn't like Clintons dictating when to appreciate her.

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