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Thread: Edale Skyline Fell Race

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    near the dark stuff
    Some details of Edale, Buxton and Woodheads day

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    ...Near me at Win Hill was a barefoot runner - and I don't mean wearing trendy "barefoot" shoes but literally, in bare feet...
    Apparently he's running Land's End to John O'Groats barefoot later in the year. I think he's from Buxton. Maybe that explains it...

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    Great photos, Mossie Net, as soon as I get near a proper PC and not a tablet, shekels to your charity. Thanks for turning out, and for the consolidation of the memories.
    No surprises no-one was taking photos by 4hrs on Grindsbrook! I had to shout at the marshall's ear to confirm I was fine
    The hobbit aka 'Bilbo' (Aleks) was indeed a star, and finished, and faster than me with no shoes. Chapeau! And he talked to himself, and anyone who would listen, all the way round. They must breed good lungs as well as good feet in the Shire.
    And they weren't even that hairy(the feet, that is)

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    I was about 2 yds behind you and only went upto my knees. Couldn't tug you out on my own but the other 2 arrived 2 pulling your arms and 1 behind me tugging so there were 3 of us! Got me thinking about how best to tug someone out (rope/rucksac straps) if as well set as you. I was puzzled you were facing us so you must have got yourself deeper in turning.
    I was sensing hypothermia coming on by the time I got to Edale Cross but pulled out at Grindslow.
    All's well!

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    Superb shots from mossie net - as above, once I'm on a PC not a phone I'll download a few and send a donation.

    Results with split times are now out on dpfr website, so you can enjoy much geekish fun on excel... (Or is that just me?)

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    Can't say it was an enjoyable race, but very grateful to the organisers, marshals and mountain rescue! I'll upload some video footage when I have time to do the editing (I carried a GoPro camera with me). No footage of the worst bits because I couldn't feel my fingers (or even my hands) to press the start/stop button.

    Hope everyone got down safely. The air ambulance flew in as I was driving away. Anyone know what happened?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fenstofells View Post
    Anyone know what happened?
    see an earlier (long) post in this thread.

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    I read what I think is the earlier post you refer to but it seems to have disappeared. It had a very detailed account of the rescue of a chap who was by the sounds of it very lucky indeed. Maybe too detailed for a public forum but certainly relevant for the RO and all others of similar events.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevPortervalley View Post
    Hi, that was me and my friend Andrew who helped you out of the bog! I'm glad we could be of service. Defiantly could have been a lot worsen given the conditions. If we had been a few meters either way would have not seen you at all! Lucky man!

    Unless there was another guy similar stuck I think there were 3 of us. I was right behind and went in upto my knees but managed to get out. Tried to pull the other guy out but couldn't until joined by 2 others. Two pulled the arms and the other pulled them. I later pulled out at Grindslow suffering with hypo and made my way back. All's well as tey say. Got me thinking about options if there was just one. helper. Maybe use rufksack straps the extra length would allow better purchase.

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