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Thread: Bleasdale Circle

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    There's just so many things about this race that scream out "classic".

    From the race route itself to the setting and it's surroundings. Although some say they only do it for the legendary soup

    Thanks to Leigh & helpers for yet another classic. 4 years in a row for me, hopefully many more to come.

    Calvin Ferguson - Calder Valley FR

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tindersticks View Post
    Before I prattle on about the race I must mention the post race was first class.

    Wynn’s soup, take your pick from either the mushroom or the leek and potato, both were amazing.....and the cakes, oh blimey don’t get me started on the cakes: chocolate cake, chocolate orange cake, lemon cake, Victoria sponge cake....crikey I’m salivating whilst typing out this culinary tribute to Wynn and the ladies in the kitchen....many thanks. .............

    Before the off we’re asked to give a rousing applause to the recently passed Steve Cliff and I think we did Steve proud....a true fellrunning stalwart who’ll be missed by many.............


    Well done Steve Snape on the win and congratulations to Sharon Taylor on the win and course record...................
    Yes, we have something of a 'catering goddess' in Wynn....... and so soon after losing her beloved Steve.

    The marshals' chilli was amazing

    Sharon's has got to be the stand out performance; to take a course record from Jackie Lee (that has stood for 12 years) is no mean feat; to do it in yesterday's underfoot conditions is just phenomenal.

    Glad that you guys enjoyed it.
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    Are there any other instances of fells being named after the winner of a race over them, like Fair Snape Fell (I am presuming that Steven of that ilk is fair)?
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    Thanks Darren and Cal, itís always a pleasure to welcome new and returning runners to the charms of this quiet little corner of Bowland, glad you enjoyed yourselves.

    Darren I hope you kept smiling when you were being dive bombed, there was a cameraman up there piloting the hang glider. He was chatting with the marshals on Parlick, they exchanged emails and he will forward a link to the video. Iíll send you the link when we get it.


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