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Thread: Multiple items found in Lakes

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    Multiple items found in Lakes

    1) Polo shirt, found yesterday near Angle Tarn / Esk Hause. Contact me with description and return will be arranged.

    2) Glove, found near Kirkstone Pass. Ditto.

    3) Clip-style lunchbox, found on Great Crag (between Stonethwaite and Watendlath). Contact me with use-by-date of sandwiches as they look tasty.

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    Re: Multiple items found in La

    Blimey, you're good FaTboy! Can you run between Goat's Hause and Levers Hause? My Rab gloves are there somewhere.

    My best find was a game of Pass the Pigs on Red Screes.

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    Re: Multiple items found in La

    I found a tin with a block of cannibis resin in once, on the west side of the Carneddau!!! Hands up if it was yours!!:w00t:
    I M Povey New Marske Harriers

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