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Thread: Easter BG Recce- Earn that Egg

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    Easter BG Recce- Earn that Egg

    Morning Campers,

    If, over the Easter period, anyone is up for a thrilling recce, pop along for part or all of the following with me and my mate Brad.

    On Easter Saturday, myself and my mate will be leaving Threlkeld at 5:00AM and doing Legs 2, 3 and 4 in a day. We'll have crew support and hopefully a rope on Broad Stand. The plan is to get to Honister just before dark (ish). We're tenting in Grange, Borrowdale. Then, on Sunday it's up and at 'em at about 9:00AM to bust Legs 5 and 1 back to Threlkeld. This is all on the 24hr schedule.

    This'll be the acid test as to whether I'm good to go for my planned 1st attempt on Sunday the 3rd June (Queen's Jubilee Weekend). A 17hr day on the Easter Saturday should be a decent test of fitness of both body and spirit!

    Join me if you can for some or all of it, it'd be ace to have more company!



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    Re: Easter BG Recce- Earn that

    This sounds like a good plan as a tester. I'm having serious doubts as to my fitness for a June 9th start. I might actually do something similar, I think you may be just to quick for me!!! It'd would interesting for me push it like this! Hope yours goes well!
    I M Povey New Marske Harriers

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