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Thread: Quick Q about age categories

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    Re: Quick Q about age categori

    Quote Originally Posted by newbie View Post
    Hi, Its called the bUrbage skyline, not till may. It says EOD possible but thought entering before would focus my training, plus they might sell out.
    Quote Originally Posted by mr brightside View Post
    They won't sell out, unless the race information specifies an entry limit numbers wise then EOD will always be available. However, in this case it is 2 more expensive EOD so you are right to pre-enter!
    The reason for prentry was the amount of runners who turned up last year, just under 360! for a midweek evening race, Oh and the RO forgot the entry forms(some thing he has not been allowed to forget )

    a brilliant fast race.

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    Re: Quick Q about age categori

    Damn, just checked the calendar and I'm away that week. Back at the weekend so might try for the cressbrook one instead. South peak is a bit easier for me in any case.

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