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    Does anyone have any inside knowledge about fell running in the Dublin area - work are threatening to send me there shortly for up to 6 months on an early Monday morning to late Friday night basis. I don't really know anything about the area around Dublin so would appreciate any knowledge anyone has.

    My first thought was to be horrified that after slogging through the dark winter months of head torch running the light summer evenings out on the hills are going to be stolen from me... I noticed on the map that the Wicklow mountains are near Dublin, does anyone know if it is feasible to get to these via public transport and back from Dublin for an evenings run or even better does anyone know of a Dublin based fell running club (am I hoping too much)?

    Apologies if anyone from Dublin thinks I'm having a downer on their city, no offense meant I'm just on a downer with work, apparently being married or having kids exempts you from such work placements but if you happen to eschew christian festivals or state sanctioned certificates your fair game along with the rest of the poor youngsters who apparently don't have lives because they are young. Actually if there are people from/in Dublin reading this that's potentially great - if this secondment turns out to be a chance to spend summer weekday evenings running on new hills I'd be fairly chuffed.


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    Re: Dublin?

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    Re: Dublin?

    Summer league held on Wednesday evenings in Dublin and Wicklow. There are 13 races in the series starting at about 3.5km and building up to 12km. They are run on marked routes mainly tracks but can be quite rough underfoot. You must finish 7 races be deemed to have completed the league and claim your IMRA T-shirt or fleece, depending on funds. To qualify for the end of League prize you must also have volunteered at least twice in the current calendar year (volunteering in any League or Championship counts). For 2011 onwards, at least one of your volunteering duties must be in a non-running capacity.

    The Leinster League now features a Team Competition adopted in 2007. The categories are men and women. A team can be from any sport or a business team etc.
    To register for a team simply enter it on your Registration Form when you first sign up for IMRA.
    Existing members can email Kevin O'Riordon at kevin dot oriordan at imra dot ie ahead of a race and inform him of your team or change of team to save administration on race day
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    Re: Dublin?

    I'm not from that area but last time I went to Dublin we got the train out into county Wicklow.

    I've still got the 1:50,000 scale maps of the area if they're any use to you?

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    Re: Dublin?

    Thanks for the links guys. Wicklow does seem like the direction to head in if I end up over there.

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