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Thread: Attempt, 31 March

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    Re: Attempt, 31 March

    Yup, inspiring stuff mate, and great report... brought back great memories of my round way back.

    Well done,

    Auld Ken

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    Re: Attempt, 31 March

    Well done Andy and a fantastic account of your day our on the fells.

    I am doing my own attempt June 15th and I have a very reliable and great support team around me, so I am hoping that they will all help get me round on the day, few more big sessions still to do!

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    Re: Attempt, 31 March

    Just read your report. Thats a really impressive effort!! I've been running 25+ years, proper fells for over 15! To go form zero to the BGR in 18 months or so is brilliant! Your report has certainly re-inspired myself. just need to get those 8+ hours in, back to back days and a fair few double leg efforts in! Reading the report also reaffirmed that I need another year or so properly looking at it and getting my prep 100%. Cheers!...and sincere congratulations.
    I M Povey New Marske Harriers

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    Re: Attempt, 31 March

    Quote Originally Posted by Spooney View Post
    Great effort Andy!

    Well done. What a belting day and a super result. It's really got me excited about my attempt now. Just hope we get similar conditions in June.


    P.S. Can't stop thinking about carrying rocks, doing star jumps and dragging tractor tyres along Leg 2!
    Yes Well done Andy.
    I was one of the many as well on that leg 2. Thanks for letting me tag along. It was a great day out on my first and definitely not last BG support.

    PS I wasn't lying when I said I buy my spuds from lightnings (gladiators) farm shop!

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    Re: Attempt, 31 March

    Well done Andy! Only just seen this - I've been in the Lakes walking with my daughter.
    Andy Robinson
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