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Thread: High Peak Moors Consultation

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    High Peak Moors Consultation

    High Peak Moors Consultation

    The following was taken from the DP site. I think it's important that it reaches a wider audience as possible.

    The National Trust owns and manages many of the areas we love to run on. Large parts of Bleaklow, Kinder and Derwent moors, outside the forestry areas and Severn Trent water areas.

    They (the NT) are in the process of developing a 25 year plan - there will be a draft plan in June with the final plan agreed in September, if it all goes well. Also, next year, the agreements the NT have with grazing tenants and shooting tenants are due to be renewed.

    All this means that we have an opportunity, which we won't get again for a very long time, to have our views heard, and perhaps to influence how these areas are managed. Some Dark Peakers went to a meeting in Glossop this week, and were able to make some comments, which will be considered, but those of you who were not able to get to a meeting can give your views on the High Peak Moors website. One thing became clear on Tuesday, which is that not everyone who has an interest has the same view of fell runners as we have; we were surprised to see in one comment that we were lumped in with mountain bikers and 4x4 users!

    Please make the effort to visit the website where you can give your views on areas such as access and wildlife, it's no good ignoring it then complaining later that you don't like what they have done.

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    Re: High Peak Moors Consultati

    Cheers for posting this Ian

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    Re: High Peak Moors Consultati

    To be clear - this closes on 31st March so get your comments in.

    The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak...

    Tony Vardy

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    Re: High Peak Moors Consultati

    My comments went in on Friday :-)

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