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Thread: BGR from London/M1-M40 South

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    BGR from London/M1-M40 South

    New to forum, with general interest in future BGR. I'm keen to recce legs as and when, but not obsessive with regard to when to do the round itself. At least not obsessive yet. Right now, I'm just happy to put time in hills/miles in legs.

    I have transport and a (very) flexible work schedule. Weekdays are much better for me than weekends. Given the length of drive, two day stints would seem more sensible than one. So, any other southern prospective BG'ers (loosely, based anywhere on the M1 or M40 corridors) who want a ride and perhaps to run a couple or three legs over a day or two, midweek, any time, feel free to let me know. Happy to chauffeur and would appreciate the training partner!

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    Re: BGR from London/M1-M40 Sou

    Welcome to the forum Mitty, plenty of advice and recce offers if you look in the Long Distance Challenges thread. Also some excellent advice in a new thread called BGR pacing

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