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Thread: BG attempt in mid July

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    Re: BG attempt in mid July

    I did my round on 20th July back in 2007, Midnight start, no problems with heat, it rained most the way round :thunbdown:

    Just make sure helpers are prepared for ALL weather conditions, know the route and are ready for a good day out.

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    Re: BG attempt in mid July

    That's day am going for its far to busy in June for my liking plus its my Birthday on the 19th so its gonna be my present (hopefully). Helped a successful round on same weekend last year and weather was truly awful ! No guarantees with the weather.

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    Re: BG attempt in mid July

    Thanks, that has made me feel more confident about a mid July attempt, and it seems I might see one or two of you on the day- fantastic!

    good luck with the training...
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    Re: BG attempt in mid July

    I'm setting off clockwise on 20th/21st July. Who is on board?


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    Re: BG attempt in mid July

    If I go this year I also will go on 20th July (6pm or 7pm CW) but if i dont go this year I will be able to support.

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