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Thread: The Film Reviewer

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    Quote Originally Posted by that_fjell_guy View Post
    ..I kind of dozed off at one point
    I kind of done that as well. Can't deny it is long and slow but I though it really kept in the spirit of the orginal. I enjoyed it and will watch it again.

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    As I said to a colleague, criticising this movie is a bit like criticising the Mona Lisa for being small....yep, it is. But it's still a masterpiece!

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    I loved it and was transfixed. Although I think I'm probably in the same camp as that_fjell_guy as I'm an artist and am used to spending days working on minute detail for hours on would take a lot to bore me! My only worry is whether or not Deckard went back for his dog!

    Quote Originally Posted by Wheeze View Post
    I know, I know. Stylistically a triumph. Sonically spine tingling. Visually gorgeous. And I'm a 100% fan-boy having got DVD's of most of the original films 'cuts' and the New York Philarmonic soundtrack of the original (because of the issues with Vangelis!). So you can imagine, I was willing to forgive all sorts of things. But, at times, I was sitting there thinking 'Oh, come ON!. I get the point, now GET ON WITH IT!' Not what I expected to feel after all the anticipation. Lingering, loving exposition is one thing, but dragging it out is another.

    maybe I need to go see it again?
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    Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool

    A superb little British film, which provides Annette Bening with a role to break your heart in a flawless three-handkerchief movie of understated subtlety.
    " dry as the Atacama desert".

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