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Thread: The Film Reviewer

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    Quote Originally Posted by CL View Post
    Come on Graham B what's good at the cinema?
    Oh you little tease...

    The last films I saw were Logan Lucky (Soderbergh) and Detroit - neither were perfect but were well worth my time, Detroit (Kathryn Bigelow) was searingly brilliant - and the next film I shall see will be The Death Of Stalin (20th October ) which is directed by Armando Iannucci. But I have an opera, a concert and plays in the next few weeks; and a holiday and books to read and races to run, so I can't be at the movies all the time!
    " dry as the Atacama desert".

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    BR 2049.

    Too long, too slow.
    I am Kuno.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheeze View Post
    BR 2049.

    Too long, too slow.
    That's British Rail for you Simon!
    I was a bit of an oddball until I was abducted by aliens; but I'm perfectly OK now!

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