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Thread: GR20 Corsica

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    GR20 Corsica

    Has anyone on here run the GR20?

    I fancy it so if you have I'd appreciate knowing

    1- Over how many days did you do (mileage per day)
    2- What kit did you take - did you sleep in refuges/tent what about food water etc - do you need to book refuges or just turn up
    3- What is the nav like
    4- What time of year did you do it
    5- Which way

    Cheers in advance

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    Re: GR20 Corsica

    Not personally,

    but some mates did it many years ago. staying in refuges and where necessary running down to a village to stock up on food and wine.
    don't know any more details but remember feeling envious of their adventure.

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    Re: GR20 Corsica

    Yes 3 of us did it last summer.
    we went N to S mainly to tie in with all our transport arrangements.
    End July and first week of Aug- again it had to fit all our hols. As a result it was busy but not awful.
    Nav was easy - we had between us Paddy Dillons guide plus the cicerone one. nav each day was easy but it was useful being able to plan ahead, join days etc. We had some maps we had borrowed and never used them!
    We took enough to be self sufficient - 2 small MM tents but with neoair for comfort (ground is VERY hard and stoney)
    Never slept in refuge but did eat in 3 - great for getting to know others and sample local communal cooking. Fot those evening meals we just ordered when we got there late afternoon.
    Most refuges also had up 'fixed'tents with sleeping mats in them, not much difference in price to a bed but quieter. We didn't use them.
    We managed to carry enough water each day and there were some marked places in the guide books to collect more.
    Food- we carried some but tried to buy more en route- what was available varied LOTS in both variety, quantity and price (if you want more info I can dig out notes I made).
    We took small MM stove and bought gas in Nice before the ferry. Blue pot pierce gas could be had in a few places NO screw pots were available at all. Most refuges had outside kitchens with free gas and even some pans but you might have to queue.
    We walked for 15 days and that included one day with a late start due to heavy rain, a day to do Monte Cinto and some days where we combined bits to give us some leeway and time to do another peak.
    We had a great time

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    Re: GR20 Corsica

    I did it with some mates about 12 years ago in 6 days staying in refuges and the odd hotel. We had to bivvy out one night when the hut was full. We initially got behind schedule due to the rough terrain and were up against the clock most days as we had a plane to catch! That turned it all into a bit of an ordeal. I would recommend taking longer and having time to enjoy it! We went at the end of August, the weather was hot and sunny. We carried plenty of water but it wasn't a big problem finding adequate supplies. It was a great wilderness experience and the toughest route I have done in Europe; it deserves a lot of respect.

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