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Thread: Mont-Blanc Marathon

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    I got a place, though I wasn't sure if I'd be able to take it up due to work commitments. It looks like I will so I've booked a room at the Alpina (right by the race village) and transport with Chamexpress (again), need to train in earnest now!!

    Does anyone have any idea how to register for the 42k on. Sunday? The site says pick up race bibs between 5-6.30 on the day. Does anyone know if you can do it the day b before.
    Something about photo ID-would a driving licence no OK,don't fancy carting my passport about in a sweaty bum bag.
    What day are you getting there? The race village is open till 8pm Thursday night, 10pm Friday night, 8pm Saturday night. I usually pick my number up the day before if I can, whilst soaking up the atmosphere. You need your ID (passport) and all the mandatory kit for the race, they go through a checklist and tick each thing off as you show it to them.

    Also, it says you need a 'personal cup' ?? I was thinking a cut down plastic bottle?
    I think that'd be fine, last year people had a wide assortment of cups, ranging from those fold flat Salomon soft cups, to camping cups and full sized beakers tied to their vests. You could cut down a water bottle when you get there, and in the really unlikely event they say its not suitable you can buy one at several shops in the race village or nearby - there's a massive Ravanel store opposite the race village on the ground floor of the Alpina hotel.

    The personal cups are just so they can cut down waste and not use thousands at the aid stations, you want one big enough so you don't have to stand at the counter refilling multiple times if you want a fair bit of water.

    Also, top tip. They give you free beer at the finish line. Last year they filled me and the guy in front of me's 500ml Salomon soft flask as we just held them out instead of our tiny cups, but you don't want to be holding out a tiny 125ml cup there - if you catch my meaning.
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