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Thread: The Frog Graham

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    I suspect you could more or less walk round in 24 hrs Simon. If you can use water wings then poles shouldn't be a problem and in my experience they help with knees, especially downhill

    If / when I do it I wont be dashing round but intend to treat it as a grand day out with friends
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    Quote Originally Posted by Derby Tup View Post
    ^ Martyn thanks for clarification re buoyancy aids. As a swimmer who doesn't particularly like swimming this opens up a whole new world for me

    One of the many interesting / attractive aspects of the Frog is its relaxed approach to "rules" but focus on safety. Which is obviously not a pop at the BG club on my part

    About time I got off my fat lazy arse
    Truth be told, this doesn't really gain you much. A proper swim-specific wetsuit already gives a lot of buoyancy, so unless you really do have massive problems in the water you shouldn't need much more. The inflatable tow bags (i.e. Swim Secure etc) serve as an emergency aid should it be needed.

    Peter is very keen that the FGR is as accessible as it can be, hence the fairly liberal interpretation, something I totally agree with. It's what makes the FGR an attractive proposition - if you want to do a totally solo round, no wetsuit and no support, that's up to you. Conversely, for those who want a bit of company on the fell and want to be met with a cuppa at road crossings, well, the FGR accommodates that too.

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