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Thread: LDMT why not more popular

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fellwalker View Post
    Interestingly he also chose to go round Hindscarth and up past the copper mines. I'd never really considered that as a route choice.
    No me neither - not a bad call that and probably relatively sheltered compared to Hindscarth Edge where I was having trouble staying upright!
    That said, the splits show that I was quicker over Dale Head. I lost it between 3 and 6 not helped by doing a face plant into a bog and smashing my knee on a rock in the process.
    The higher line straight from CP4 avoiding Dubs Bottom and going under Great Round How seemed to be more direct and quicker as well. Didn't consider that one either mores the pity.
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    I think i am at a bit of a disadvantage with the mountain trial. I've now done the Medium course twice and each time it has been my first time in that part of the Lakes. I've run 1 classic (Wasdale, so I got close to something I know this year), a couple of Mediums (Coledale and Fairfield), and 2 legs of the IHR. I've not spent any time walking in the Lakes and it's also the only navigation event I do each year (I plan to correct that this year though).
    On the other hand, it means it's the only event of the year where I don't feel I am racing but instead I am exploring. Maybe that's why I enjoy it so much.
    But it does surprise me to hear people talk about it with so much trepidation, perhaps I am just foolhardy? Anyway, I would recommend anyone to give it a go, as long as you can read a map well enough to not get yourself into danger and can spend a good 5 hours on your feet then I don't see what's stopping you from trying the Medium at least. It's still probably my favourite event of the year.

    This year I made it to CP4 before being told to bail. I found the weather really hard going but really enjoyable. However, as soon as I was told it was cancelled and my head wasn't in the game I realised how wet I was and found it hard to find the path down to Seathwaite. Odd how these things happen! My biggest error was misreading the 15m contours because contouring round and then off Dale Head towards CP2, I was surprised to see a hill the other side where there were an absence of contours on the map. I assumed I was too far North, so I dropped down to the wrong tarn! I then spent a good time wandering around looking for a "South side" of the bumps around there. It's annoying because from my gps track, I was bang on the bearing so I should have stuck with it and kept going.

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