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Thread: Fenix 3 vs Ambit vertical

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    Can you transfer from a Suunto to Garmin Connect?
    Begin afresh, afresh, afresh.

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    Flip.... I can barely transfer from my Suunto to moves. Crap software

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexandra View Post
    Can you transfer from a Suunto to Garmin Connect?
    Yes,with but it has to via strava. ie. set suunto to auto upload to strava, sync strava back to garmin connect with tapiriik.


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    Used to be garmin through and through but since I set up a workout to provide 400m efforts and it consequently having me stopping and starting all over the shop, even on a straight section of road, I realised their GPS capabilities were awful. That was with a 920xt, but previously a fenix 2. Prob the best garmin I had was the 610. Since having researched their GPS receiver capabilities it seems common that its considered recent Garmins are not very good where as the older were quite the opposite.
    I have moved on to a Suunto ambit 3 peak now and though they are not very user intuitive and their software is nowhere near as easy to analyse as Garmin's, the thing will unfailingly tell you what you did and how fast you did it and indeed where you are and how fast you are going. Never had any issue with satellite reception.
    Personally I think Garmin are missing a trick in trying to shove the 'kitchen sink' into their wareables when the whole reason they came around they now do quite poorly.

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