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Thread: Ricky Lightfoot record at

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobster View Post
    2hrs 18 mins is record pace for leg 1. How many people can do that? If he paid me 200 he'd be asking for his money back. I'd be dropped by lattrigg gate and I reckon after 2hrs 18mins I'd be stumbling lost somewhere on mungrisedale common.
    Last year (I think) Ricky did leg 1 in just under record pace, then ran back down the old railway path back at a very swift pace. He said it felt OK. Noticed it on Strava, and thought an attempt was imminent. Maybe other commitments got in the way until now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ba-ba View Post Honister a 'Naylor Shake' was required to sort him out!
    Is that Joss grabbing you by the shoulders or an amphetamine smoothy?

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    Something above triggered a memory and after a bit of delving I found the evidence for it.

    All the way back in July 1963 Eric Beard did his 24hr record of 56 summits. His first leg was Keswick to Threlkeld with four summits in just 2hrs 21mins. The extra summit was Skiddaw Little Man. The notes mention that he didn't wear running shoes but "lightweight rubber soled climbing boots" they can be seen in the photo on this page https://quickquickpotato.wordpress.c...20/eric-beard/. I suspect that over the now standard three tops of that leg that Beardie's might well be the fastest time.

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    How things have changed over the years. From 'Beardies boots' to the clutter of ironmongery that he carried in the last picture whilst helping the BBC with their filming.
    At least these days a pair of Mudclaws and a Go-Pro makes life a little easier ;-)
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    Jasmin was roughly 11% slower than Billy, so if you use the pacing of her round (perhaps more even with minimal stops) as a basis for a men's record schedule then you'd be looking at around 2.27 for leg 1. The sections where Jasmin gained relative to Billy were Dunmail to High Raise and Yewbarrow right through to Honister, especially given Billy's break at Honister. Once he got going again his finish was relatively quicker. Obviously folk have their own strengths and weaknesses, so any personal schedule has to reflect that, but definitely think the first leg doesn't need to be sub 2.20!

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    Just to clarify, when I say relative to Billy I mean Jasmin speeded up by 11% was significantly faster over these sections than Billy, though by far the biggest difference is from the break at Honister.

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