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Thread: Inov8 Mudclaws 300 - Red

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    That's me too DrPB! I have a brand new pair of Roclite 295s in a box, for when the ground is firmer and drier, a pair of hardly used Oroc 340s for when (if?) we get some proper ice again down sowf, a new pair of Asics Runnegade 2's for when the old one's fall apart and a pair of Asics DS Racers for when the old ones of those do the same - all bought for bargain prices in sales :-)

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    The price is incredible for the durability. Great shoes and design though.

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    Is it not better to have one pair of good shoes and replace them every year rather than loads of budget shoes that aren't as good?

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    Thanks for all the comments, he has opted for the blue mudclaw classic from Pete Bland - to join the mountain of other shoes we have at various stages of wear and tear. Cheers!
    Cath Hignett

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    Cracking answer.
    Use last year's for training and new ones for racing.

    Buy cheap by twice or more ��
    A quote,

    "The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall."

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    What is the actual difference them between the yellow classics (which i have) and the green ones you've shown below...and the new luminous yellow ones?

    I was seriously considering treating myself to the new bright ones as the heel is starting to fall to bits.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sasquatch View Post
    I bought a pair of the new style mudclaws - Blue and red (think these might be the ones you mean).
    They are definately not the same as the old yellow (and now black and green) version - my heel kept popping out of them so I sent them back and bought the classic black/green ones from Pete Blands - these are the ones which closest resemble the old yellow ones...

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