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Thread: mandatory kit bum bags

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    mandatory kit bum bags

    I'm looking for a bum-bag/waist pack that would comfortably carry any mandatory kit for fell races(water bottle holders/pouches not essential), any suggestions?

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    My favourite is the Rock+Run Superlite, but they don't seem to have it on their site at the moment.

    Inov-8 make some ok ones, and lots of others will recommend the Pete Bland one.

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    Hi Louis, Pete Bland bags are very popular and good value. I use the OMM bag which is a bit more expensive but has plenty of space and a feeding bottle.

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    The omm 3l waist pouch is also quite popular. Can fit all kit, 500ml water and some food. Compression straps to stop everything bouncing around too

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    I have used the Omm 3L and the Omm Ultra

    I use the smaller one, for shorter runs and fell races and the Ultra if I am out for longer. I use the ultra more in winter as it is easier to pack extra kit. I also take the ultra if I am taking a camera.

    Some photos of the 3L and what you can fit in it

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