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Thread: Darren Holloway memorial

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    On a more on topic update.

    Clearly the limit was breached some time ago, with now a waiting list of some 50 odd runners.

    The evidence would suggest that in the past a good number of entrants change their minds / don't turn up.

    Below is a copy of the email that all entrants are about to receive

    We hopethat we can sort an entry for everyone who wants to run, but this is going to depend upon a level of co-operation from those who have entered and who mayhave, or are about to, change their mind about running. This may be because ofa clash of commitments, an injury, illness or perhaps upon reflection realisingthat the entry was based upon a certain degree of unfounded optimism abouttheir potential for raising their fitness to the hoped for level by the backend of June.
    In thepast, for some oversubscribed events, the organising team have been able tomanage the entries and get everyone a run. We would like to achieve this.
    There aretwo ways that you can help, if you find that you are unable to run.
    Firstly- You let me know that you wish tocancel your entry. I then invite the person that is top of the waiting list,they have 7 days to enter. Once they have confirmed their entry, I cancel yourentry and am able to refund you 12 of your entry fee – we have to pay an admincharge, so can’t give a full refund. This is perhaps, the fairest way as I canmanage the waiting list on a first come first served basis. We won’t be able togive refunds unless we can move someone from the waiting list onto your entry,as we have already incurred costs based on the number of entries.
    Secondly –substitutions are allowed. These work independently of any input from the eventmanagement. You can go to your entry and edit it, substituting your name withsomeone else’s – hopefully you know someone on the waiting list. We think thatthis will remove the person from the waiting list automatically.

    If you findthat you are unable to run and are able to return your entry and want me to tryto arrange for someone from the waiting list to have your entry then pleasecontact me, Andrew Bradley, by email at ..............

    If you know of anyone who has changed their mind, then please encourage them to do the decent thing and let us know.
    We don't want no shows - when there is still a waiting list.


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    I wonder what the response to this was. I know someone with a history of competing in Lakeland classics and will likely be looking to count for a team competing for the championships who is currently sitting on the waiting list feeling a bit antsy.

    I wonder what the pre-entry would have looked like if form/cheque/postage was still the mode of entry - though obviously online entry is a much easier, hassle-free method for organisers to use (and saves a few trees).

    I found it refreshing to see a gentle nudge to entrants to not waste their space in the race and I quite agree with this (though I suppose for ease of life agreeing with my girlfriend's father is an easy choice to make!). If it works would other oversubscribed races implement a similar course of action, or could it be perceived as a bit teaching your grandmother to suck eggs?
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    Response so far......four returns of entry, with three substitutions made. Still waiting for the last invite to respond ( Paul Crabby Crabtree - if anyone knows him, can you continue to remind him to pay his entry fee - very soon ). One person has withdrawn from the waiting list.

    Big thanks to those who have returned their entry already.

    Probably a bit soon to take these numbers as a reflection of the final outcome. I suspect most people will withdraw closer to the date? Hopefully not too close though.

    I note that at Clough Head there were 376 finishers. I know there will a number of runners travelling from outside of England, but I am still not convinced that all 450 odd who have entered the Darren Holloway race will run. Especially when you look at recent fields of Lakeland championship long races. Apart from the 400 plus who raced the Edale this year.........

    There will be more gentle reminders as time goes on. Sport ident entries allows you to email everyone. So an easy option.

    I would like to contribute towards building an ethos of returning entries if a runner can't make the race. There will be disappointment all round if we have runners still on the waiting list, and no shows on the day.

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    Thanks for your excellent approach to this Andrew.
    It worked for me anyway - I was on the waiting list but now have been moved up to an actual entry.
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