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Thread: BG and physical job

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    BG and physical job

    So I've a BG planned for late July. Problem is I have a pretty physical job and am finding training on top of it pretty damn hard. I'm a postie. So my typical day is generally spent pushing a fully loaded trolley around the streets for anything upto 5 hours or carry bags of mail on my back for a similar amount of time. My typical route is roughly 10 miles. It's extremely knackering day after day. So really what I'm getting at is my daily work slog any kind of counter to training for a BG? I'm kind of inclined to believe that it is? I've tried for this fabled 10000ft of ascent in a week and have nearly managed it twice but it has left me utterly knackered! It's not a realistic training goal on top of my work mileage. When I do train, 2 or 3 times a week I make sure it counts-hill reps/speed/intervals etc. My weekly training mileage is a maximum of 25 miles on top of work mileage. So we're talking about 75-80 miles a week (but 50 or so us spent at work) I mix the training up, week of ascent, a week of speed/interval sessions and a week with a long slow plod. If on the fells I'll generally try for 4500ft of ascent. Any advice greatly appreciated!

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    time on your feet is key, with your job I suspect you will have pretty strong legs, speed isn't required for a BG so ignore the speed intervals completely, its probably that that's tiring you out, climbing though is required so I'd focus on 2-3 days a week walking big hill reps where possible, if you can do a 6-8 hour hilly fast walk once a week it should help. good luck

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    I don't think I dd anywhere near 10K ft of ascent per week for my round but I'd got ITBS about 8 months earlier so was limited in what I could do. I also probably only did 30 miles a week as a result.

    Generally it's time on your feet that you need to look for, which to some extent you are getting with your work.

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    'Bin man fitness' is good. My dad was a coal man and although he wasn't a BG'er (and he supported F#rest) he was nails. I suggest you go and try a leg or two if you haven't already. By time you get to leg four most folk are trundling at best anyway
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