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Thread: Colorado Attempts the BGR

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    Colorado Attempts the BGR


    Bit of a long post here but but seeing as we are reaching out blind for some help I thought I would introduce ourselves!

    Four of us from the Rocky Mountain Runners in Boulder, Colorado are coming across the pond to give the BGR a crack on June 3rd this year! We have a good bit of local crew and some witnesses/pacers already lined up but could prob do with some more pacers to help validate our attempts. Hence I thought I would reach out to the good folks of this forum for help.

    The group comprises two British ex-pats (Ryan and Pete) and two Americans (Nick and Andrew). Our goals range from the absurd to the reasonable. In absurdity order they are as follows :

    Ryan (record attempt)
    Nick (18 ish hours)
    Pete and Andrew (low 20's)

    Myself (Ryan) and Pete have done one recce trip over the winter where we were able to see and experience a good chunk of the route in classic Lakeland winter conditions! Nick and Andrew will be going in blind. Nick has a boatload of experience in just about every major mountain race out there, including holding the FKT on the Kokopelli Trail, finishes at Hardrock 100, Nolans 14, Tor de Geants, UTMB and countless 100 mile races. Andrew is newer to ultra distance events but has already completed a few 100 milers and plans to run the round with Pete who is more familiar with the route.

    I am, of course, sticking my neck out with my intent to go for a record attempt but I do not do so without fully comprehending the gravity of the task! I have spent a good bit of time thinking about and analyzing the route, Billy's (and Jasmin's) record splits and, of course, with running a good chunk of the route itself. I have mostly been racing in the US for the past decade but am very familiar and probably most comfortable on British terrain. The steeper, longer, tougher and worse the conditions the better for me. Although of course, for a record attempt I'll be hoping for rather a more pleasant outlook! Anyway, please excuse the brashness, my intent is only to make clear the serious of my ambitions and understanding of the task ahead.

    I realize in the spirit of the endeavor it is typical to put some time in ahead pacing and supporting others in their attempts. Obviously with the distance this isn't too easy for us but we are more than willing to return any favours through advice, logistical help, connections etc should anyone be looking to do any races or adventures over here in the US. We have a large group of experienced mountain runners here who have participated in most major mountain races around the the world and we have several excellent races and routes on our doorstep that we would be more than willing to show off to visitors!

    Please reply back here or email us at if you think you can help!

    Ryan Smith
    Rocky Mountain Runners

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    This is going to be a challange, those sort of times will require very detailed route knowledge to shave off those precious seconds at every chance and a lot of luck that the weather will be favourable on that particular weekend.

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    Indeed, for a go at the record, light (or ideally no) winds would be a must IMO.
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    If your going for the record your going to need some seriously fast pacers who also know all the fastest lines. good luck with it.

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    Not many runners register on here then declare they're having a shot at the BG record in their very first post. Very best of luck! I like your style
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