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Thread: Running in Orkney

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    Yes, from 10 or 12 years ago I can remember leaving the good lady sunning herself by the campervan on the campsite at Stromness whilst I ran down to the ferry for Hoy and a trot up Ward Hill (highest point in all the Orkneys). I was only gone 3 hours or so.
    There's also a Twatt towards the W side of Shetland (mainland).
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    So coast path from Stromness to Scara Brae has been done in both directions. As has the run up Wideford Hill from Kirkwall - only 10k but worth it for the views (and another archaeological site ticked off the list for Mrs S.) Orkney has exceeded every expectation we had and we're already planning next year's trip which will definitely include more time on Hoy and a trip to Rounsay (for more antiquity!)

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    We're biking bits this September. I'm also taking the odd run in. Mother from Thurso so it's kind of been part of my upbringing going there. Been many times from Scrabster and Gills Bay (although the latter suits me best). Highland Park distillery is playing a pivotal part in our travels this year. My wife has insisted on it.

    What could possibly go wrong.

    This is great btw.


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    The costal path from Stromness to bay of Skaill is 12 miles, the views of hoy are superb with the sun on them. If you want to you can carry on to brough of Birsay, if timed right you can cross the tidal path onto the island. Other run/walks can be found at walkhighlands.Co. UK.
    Yes, my missus has photographed me by the Twatt sign. And yes it has fantastic beaches and you will struggle to only go there once.

    P.s. top gear fans going to Birsay keep your eyes open for zanzibar cottage featured when they raced the post sent there.
    P.P.S. ferry from Gills bay much cheaper. (Pentland ferries)

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