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    La Sportiva mutant

    Hi guys
    Hope someone can help mate of mine has a pair of mutant for me if I want them . Has anyone had a pair can tell me what there like I mainly run in the lake District . Was thinking about Bushido when mate said he had these are Bushido a better shoe
    Thanks in advance

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    I've had Bushido's before, and got Mutant now. Bushido are brilliant shoes, probably the best I've ever had, but they are not full Fell shoes.

    Mutants are definitely Fell shoes, and they are very good. As you probably know, the quality of La Sportiva shoes is fantastic. Grip is very good. The only problem I had is when contouring round the side of the mountain, the uppers dug into the outside of my heel and caused a bit of pain and a nasty blister, but I do have very sticky-out heels, and I fixed it by cutting down the uppers in the right place.

    If they made the Bushido upper on the grip of the Mutant, they'd have possibly the best shoe out there. As it is, I'll probably go back to mudclaws, but it's a close thing for me.

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    Travs thanks a lot for reply . lot of guy love the Bushido I've just read some good review. Think I'll try the mutants going by your post they seem sound there brand new only worn them on two short runs he's been in a accident won't ever run again offered me them first

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