Fun and games at the Midlands Relays today. I was 2nd leg in an incomplete. 'b' team and managed 35 minutes bang on, for about 5.3 miles. Weather was pretty atrocious, plenty of wind and snow.

Made up 3 places and didn't lose any, although the guy who started a couple of seconds in front of me, managed to pull out at least a minute on me.

The 'a' team was again a farce. Our first leg runner apparently pulled up with his back after a mile. I'm not sure what happened, but fortunately another one of our runners was in the vicinity. I don't know whether he took the guys number and went back to the start, or just put his vest on and carried on. But either way, there'll be a stewards enquiry and quite possibly a disqualification. For a team that 'should' be top 6 or 8, it's a bit of a shame. Due to the balls-up, we were in about 30th after half the legs, powering through the field and trying to make the qualifying position for the nationals of top 25, but may be irrelevant anyway if we are dq'd.

I knew they should have stuck me in the first team...!