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Thread: Cross Country 2017/18

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quosh View Post
    KCAC managed a men's team at the National Relays. Made-up of parents of junior team members. I really enjoyed it. It was a good, compact set-up. Although difficult to see the incoming runner from the start line. I ended up thrashing the first lap just to get warm because I'd been in the pen too long. So the 2nd lap was a hanging-on job. Same old story Bit like when I race to the top in a fell race.

    But good to see XC in good health based on the number of teams there.

    You must be benefitting from your children's genes... which reminds me that in the boot of my car I have a small amount of alcohol for you as a token of your success in a previous "thrash".
    " dry as the Atacama desert".

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    I didn't realise the great genetic arrow of time worked in reverse.

    Thanks Graham. That must be from the Incline. Well, given the usual quality of your 'ride' I suspect the prize will remain in good condition. But please feel free to drink it. Or use it in the kitchen. Services to fell-running etc.

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    First Birmingham Div 1 league fixture today in Cheltenham. I ducked out in order to stay fresh for the Roaches tomorrow. Sadly an ear infection means I'm now doing neither...!

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    That's bad luck Travs, I missed out on the national relay champs at Mansfield and the Dovedale Dash last weekend due to a freak sickness bug, but kick started my xc season at the North Mids league in Corby today. Anyone else there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by anthonykay View Post
    What is not to love about XC? Boring courses around the sides of playing fields.

    Having said that, there are also plenty of good XC courses around. Curiously, most of the best ones that I have run are just outside London: Coulsdon, Hayes (Kent), Trent Park, Epping Forest.
    A fantastic course at a new venue for this week's Hampshire XC league - 390 m of ascent in the men's race. For a league which mainly consists of running around playing fields this was quite a change!
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