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Thread: Mud . . .

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    Mud . . .

    . . . or rather, the absence of it.

    It's December, but I can come back from a training run on my usual rural footpaths and not have to put my socks in a bucket of warm water to soak the mud off. I'm not sure what it's like further North; but here we had a wet September, with the paths becoming muddier than usual at that time of year, followed by a very dry October and November. Great conditions for running now, but how long until the water companies start warning us of dire consequences next Summer if we don't get plenty of rain before the Spring?
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    Perhaps not as bad as some years but the footpaths and bridalways of Worcestershire are good and muddy now judging by the state of the dog on Sunday morning. Absolutely caked in it and straight in the bath when we got home.

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    About a week or so ago, I went over my local off-road area (no more than a mile square really, but pretty rough terrain), and I won't go back this side of spring without my mudclaws, it was unbelievably slippy and muddy!

    I did think the Cardington Cracker was pretty dry underfoot (in comparison to previous years... it was by no means a dry easy run, but I've seen it a lot worse...)

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    I went out watching the Tour of Pendle a couple of weeks ago. Saw plenty of mud up there

    Marl Pits XC was quite muddy as usual on Saturday and running around Witton in the last week I've seen plenty of the stuff as well.

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    Can confirm that the dark peak area is really rather muddy, i.e. situation normal. I remain amazed at the capacity of my victorian drains to cope with the daily influx of mud and peat.

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    The Peak may be muddy, but I went and did a session around the Endcliffe Park swamp in Sheffield yesterday and had no mud spatter up my back. More soft going than pure mud. Normally it's a snorkel job by mid-October!
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    Ah Sheffield, the "dry side" of the peak.

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