MrRTS blooming loved that! What a super event. Andy, you and your helpers are top notch! Thank you so much for the spot prize for Nigel's race 45 of his 50@50. Think that is a favourite so far. A big thank you to Darren and Jo for your cash donations yesterday for the Thomas Theyer Foundation making the total so far to 1103 with 5 races to go. Ending with the Edale Skyline 3 days before his 51st birthday.

Beau dog didn't come along with me yesterday to help with the photo spot spotting so I'm afraid I did not get up on the hills. Blooming lurgy is making me a bit of a soft lass at the moment. Took a few photos here that Beau dog has asked not to be credited to him :-) Bloody dog is becoming a bit of a Diva!! Race 45 of 50@50

No obligation but if you wish to make a small donation to the Thomas Theyer Foundation from as little as 2 please follow the link . If you would like the high quality original with none of the writing on please message me your e-mail quoting the file number bottom left.