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Thread: Class of 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by philblack40 View Post
    Long way round maybe. Faster? Less tiring? Worth a look at I think.
    It's certainly been looked at often enough.
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    It's definitely faster running as there's very little stumbling through tussocks and heather, you are on the Skiddaw House track for a Km or so. There's only a short section of boggy ground to negotiate where you cut over from the Lonscale Fell side to Mungrisedale Common.

    The one time I did it, I think I may have been a minute or two either way of the direct line. That was without knowing the best lines to and from the Cloven Stone.

    Both those Strava segments are too far NE. You need to head down the south ridge of Great Calva for about 200 metres from the summit before making a bee-line for Mungrisedale Common. The ground just SE of the south summit is pretty rough.

    Without me you'd be one place nearer the back

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