Rather than create a new thread, though I might do that so that it doesn't get lost, and since I've posted registration information here already this is a bit of a heads up.

I noted earlier about the level of spam vs genuine registrations. This morning I noticed that Google mail had marked two spam attempts as spam whereas previously they would come through as genuine registrations. These usually happen when an actual person fills out the form but the data is obviously fake - "Barneyxqijka" as a name for example. What might happen is that Google might start associating emails from the registration form as spam.

If that happens I'll probably have to make some changes to the registration process so that I don't lose genuine registrations. The probable solution will be a "front page" that filters between new registrations, update details and possibly one or two other options. The registration form itself would have a random BGR based question: "What's the second road crossing going anti-clockwise?", "Who holds the record for the fastest round?" or similar where you have to type in the answer rather than select from a list.