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Thread: Knee injury

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    Knee injury

    Just looking for a little advice on a stupid injury I picked up. I've done some damage to my knee after kneeling on the edge of a dvd case. This was back in November, and it's still painful to do certain things, for instance if I try to kneel down, it feels like I'm kneeling on a ball bearing.
    I haven't managed a run on the knee since it happened, but have started cycling/elliptical training again. I can do this, but the knee is very stiff and sore the next day. Nothing feels or looks out of place, and I'm reluctant to go to my GP as I very much doubt they'll do a deal.
    Anyone had any type of similar impact injury to the knee - should it be painful for this long and should I train through it or rest it out?

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    For most knee issues work on the muscles up (and down) stream of the affected area (quads, glutes, hips, core, ankle) will often sort out knee pain.
    However this isn't the case with an impact issue as you have.
    The doctor won't be much use. I'd go to a physio, preferably a decent sports one. NHS won't be too fussed with someone who 'only' can't run.
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    I suppose it could be, it's just that this was from a one off trauma. I'm not one to kneel on a regular basis.
    As ba-ba said, chances are my Gp's response to not being able to run will be, well don't run then. I've just got to make my own decision as to whether this is one to run off or not, and then suffer any consequences. At the minute, it's not too painful, but it's hurting above, almost behind the knee, with a weird tingly/burny sensation.

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