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Thread: Back ache

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    Question Back ache

    Not running - that seems to help!
    I've given up driving a computer and managing staff, started working as a waller at the age of 60 and loving it, but it makes my back ache - no suprise. Doing stretches etc but does anyone have experience - will a weightlifters type belt help?

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    Trouble with weightlifter type belts or any kind of support is it doesn't allow you to strengthen the muscles that are causing the problem. It may help but it's not a long term solution.
    Back and core strength and conditioning exercises will work better. Try this for 4 to 6 weeks -
    It's a super programme and really works. Also see a sports massage therapist to aid the programme. I fractured 2 thoracic vertebra 4 years ago (I have never know pain like it) and this is what got me back to running. Strength and Conditioning is the key. Good luck and congratulation on your lifestyle change, that is brilliant.

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    Absolutely right RTS. I need a regular 'sorting of the broken bits' from remedial massage as all the estate work I do, despite doing my own stretch and strengthening exercises. I've been doing estate work for nearly forty years, walling is particularly harsh as most of the lifting has to be done the wrong way - unless you're blessed with lots of regular sized stone instead of Lake District cobbles.
    A circular route mostly downhill

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