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Thread: Paddy Buckley Round

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    Paddy Buckley Round

    Anyone aiming for the PBR this year? I've been tentatively working towards it for a couple of years and this year I have a sufficient gap in my schedule and no conflicts with races so I'll be attempting it in June/July, all things being equal. I know most of the area well but want to do some more solid recce-ing so there's less hassle with navigation when the brain stops working. I'm a 12 hour 50 mile hilly ultra runner to give you an idea of speed (though have done much longer than 50's) - if you are considerably quicker or slower than me, I dont think it'll work... If anyone wants to meet up for some training recce runs, let me know. I live about 60 miles away from Snowdonia so doesn't take much for me to get there.

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    Attempting it on Saturday, 3 am start at Llanberis on a 23:40 schedule if you fancy it!

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    How did it go.

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